avalonian panorama

view south abbey
View of Glastonbury Abbey from the South
Mary Chapel on the left, the Tor on the distant right

view north side abbey
View of Glastonbury Abbey from the North, Mary Chapel on the right - where the original Church of Joseph of Arimathea was built in 36AD, Abbot's Kitchen in right background

priddy nine barrows
View of Priddy Nine Barrows - Neolithic Site 2000BC
This is a major cluster near Glastonbury, but there are many more than nine

tor pilgrims

Pilgrims on their journey to the Tor, Glastonbury's sacred mountain.

Early morning on the Tor, the sun just rising - all is well.... Gwynn ap Nudd, the Farie King is slumbering in the Tor and the Spiritual Energies are reenchanting the land and it's people.